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We are excited to welcome you to Norwex Training.

As a company, we are intentional about improving quality of life and the health of our environment and having you on the team means we have a better chance at sharing a cleaner, safer way of living.  

Your decision to become a part of the Norwex family is the initial step towards this cause, and we trust that you will find our training platform a valuable resource.

This training hub offers all¬†the videos and tools to get you started and be successful on your Norwex¬ģ¬†journey.¬†

product solutions

reducing use of plastics

reducing our footprint

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Training Resources

The team at Norwex have carefully constructed the 6 modules below, each including easy to follow lessons which will assist you in making the most of your Norwex journey.

1. Let's Do This

New Consultant training.
If you’re a New Consultant, this is your place to get started. Learn the basics, and quickly ramp up your business into growth mode! In this module you will find:
1. The Norwex Mission
2. The Science Behind Norwex

Let's Get Started

2. Open That Box

Product training.
Ready to learn more about Norwex products? These lessons will help prepare you for all the questions your customers might throw your way!
1. The Products
2. Safe Haven 5
3. Skin Care
4. Product Demonstrations

Let's Get Started

3. Setting Up Shop

Things to do first.
Get to know the fabulous support materials and products that are in this package personalised just for you, a New Consultant!
1. Setting Up Shop 101
2. Social Media
3. Explore Canva

Let's Get Started

4. Navigating Your NCO

Orders, Goal & Points Tracking, Customer Management 

Get system savvy and boost your business by learning the ins and out of the Norwex Consultant Office. 
1. How to place a personal order
2. How to place a customer order
3. How to create/enter a party order
4. How to sign up a new consultant on the NCO

Let's Get Started

5. Your Norwex Your Way 

Party basics.
Whichever way you choose to party, your first event is something we call your ‚ÄúLaunch Party.‚ÄĚ Think of it as a fun, simple, grand opening for your new gig.

1. 10 minute party
2. In-person party
3. Messenger party
4. Zoom party
5. Facebook party

Let's Get Started

6. Dive Deeper: Zoom Training Series

A series of topics to assist you to grow your business.
Tanya delves deeply into the subjects covered within the training hub, exploring strategies to enhance your path to success.
1. Team Training Video Recordings
2. Bob Heilig Video Series

Let's Get Started

7. Leadership Training 

Access for Norwex Leaders Only 

8. Extended Library - Coming Soon

Expand on what you have learnt.
Ready for more? Expand your Norwex knowledge with these extended lessons covering each of the modules and more.

Get started on your training.


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